Intraoral Cameras

Sometimes it is difficult for patients to truly understand the condition of their teeth in the same way the dentist does – using an intraoral camera is a state of the art dental technical device that really helps you see for yourself exactly what is happening in your mouth. Here at 32 Pearls Dentistry we will make sure our patients can see for themselves what is going on with their teeth and oral health so they can make informed decisions about what to do. Imagine a brighter future for your smile.

A picture is worth a thousand words

At 32 Pearls Dentistry our patients love our Intraoral cameras because they get to see first hand and up close the state of their teeth, including any problems such as cracked teeth, decay, worn-out or defective fillings, bleeding gums and plaque.

Oral Cancer Detection

Everyday we hear about people dying of cancer. Oral cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the world today. The 5 year survival rate for oral cancer is much less when compared to the survival rates of cervical, melanoma and even prostate cancer survivors. The number of new cases and deaths due to oral cancer is predicted to be almost three times higher than that of cervical cancer and almost double the rates of liver cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society estimates that 4,100 new cases of oral cancer were diagnosed in Canada in 2013. It is also estimated that 1,150 of those Canadians diagnosed in 2010 will die from the disease.

Today, oral cancer can occur at any age. The good news is that oral cancer can be treated successfully if caught early enough. To detect oral cancer in its early stage, having regular oral cancer screening done by a dental and/or health professional is important. We at 32 Pearls Dentistry, not only want to offer the best available treatment to our clients but also provide an opportunity aimed at a better well-being. Dentistry is about prevention and the dental exam is the foundation of good oral health. A dentist may notice subtle changes in the mouth that a patient won’t.

The exam is fast, easy and painless and it could save your life. If you notice anything different with your oral health, please do not hesitate to call us and schedule and appointment. Your health will thank you for it!

Electronic Claim Submission

We do electronic claim submission of your dental insurance. This can ensure speedy process and get your benefits paid much faster. Dental insurance are benefits made available from your employer. They cover a portion of your dental treatment and are not supposed to cover your entire treatment cost. If and when you have dental benefits, try to make the most of it. Dental benefits have deadlines and if you do not use it, the benefits will cease to exist.

Email Appointment Reminders

You can now be rest assured that you will not miss your appointment since we send you reminders directly to your email. Make sure your email address is updated in our database!

Digital Radiography

At 32 Pearls Dentistry we use digital radiography. Not only does this allow us to detect tooth decay invisible to the naked eye, it also reduces your exposure to radiation up to 90 percent less than conventional film X-rays.

Why digital radiographs are better for you?

Digital radiography is better for you because it allows us to immediately view your X-rays on the chair-side computer and enhance images to help ensure accurate diagnosis. The ability to send images in a matter of minutes to other dental and health care practitioners improves collaboration and leads to faster and more effective treatment decisions.

Come experience a safe practice environment at 32 Pearls Dentistry. Call us today to schedule an appointment!